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Change to Fluorescent Bulbs

If every house in the United States changed all of the light bulbs in their house, that would be equivalent to taking one million cars off the streets.

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Use Matches instead of lighters

Lighters are usually considered disposable so they will most likely end up in land fills. You can use the cardboard matches which are much more eco-friendly because they are made of recycled material.

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Turn the water off when you brush

Your parents have said this before, now I say it. You will save 4 gallons of water doing this alone.

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Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Even though it will take a good investment to buy these you will find yourself gaining it back in no time.

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Don't get bottled water

Instead of bottled water get a reusable container to carry water. Also you can get a filter to make your home tap taste more like bottled water.

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Attorney Services

Our Green Fleet Courier Attorney Services Division is a leader in providing a complete menu of specialized court and ancillary legal support services, for law firms and law departments, available throughout the United States. Attorney Services information includes:

  • Court Services
  • Fax Filing Service
  • Service of Process
  • Investigations

Court Services

Court services activity is managed by an outstanding staff of professionals in our Green Fleet Courier Attorney Services Division and includes the filing of documents and research work on either a Scheduled/Retainer or a Special Messenger basis.


Service of Process

Our highly trained, experienced and creative Green Fleet Courier process servers are all registered and bonded. Through our network of affiliates and industry associations, we can provide service throughout the United States on a 24/7 basis. Call for a quote for service outside of New Orleans.


Our professional, experienced and creative staff supports our Service of Process assignments by efficiently conducting investigations and searches for information on skips, witnesses and on hard to serve subjects. Also available:

  • Consumer Credit Information
  • Locates & Declarations
  • Property Searches


Public Records Research & Photocopying

Our experienced and knowledgeable court services staff will access all available public records, including:

  • Birth & Death Certificates
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Land Titles & Deeds
  • Fictitious Business names
  • Corporate Filings


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